Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Stash

So this another one of those bundles I picked up in Pink Castle's pop up sale of a bit ago.  Somehow a picture didn't happen.  Some Flea Market Fancy, some American Jane and some of Lori Holt's line, Millie's Closet.  Those are the purses.  Just so you know.

Then yesterday, I found this.  EEK.  Some of the Paris map from the Etchings line.  EEK.  I bought a metre of it.

I have been sewing bags and table runners all weekend.  I am on my fourth table runner. I am tired of bags and table runners.  I am almost ready for the craft sale next weekend.  If nothing sells then I have a great head start on Christmas gifts!

Despite all the crazy sewing and factory like production, I did stop and stayed still for 2 minutes of silence at 11 am.  Lest we forget.


  1. I'm sure all of your bags and table runners will sell like hot cakes, you always do beautiful work.

  2. Great fabric finds! Love that orange and blue plaid, reminds me of old school days! Ooh and what's your plan for the Parisian fabric? Such low volume there could go in many directions!

  3. Hi Cathy! Where did you find that paris fabric? One of my sons friends is getting married June 2013 and the bride LOVES I need to find some eiffel tower fabric and some others...