Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Table runners... some thoughts

I whipped up this table runner on the weekend.  I used a mess of scraps and then quilted it densely.  I am not a table runner person but I could be converted because they are a lot of fun to make.  Clever son's lovely girlfriend may have even placed an order for one that might just land under the Christmas tree.  The fun thing about table runners is that there are really no rules.  You can do whatever you like.  I like to have a bit of fun on the back too.  Just in case the table runner owner gets bored with the front.  Or perhaps a blob of jam lands on the front a few minutes before your old aunty comes for tea.  You can just do a presto chango routine and no one would be the wiser.  Table runners.  I could be converted.

I made this one too from a bag of scraps that I picked up at a quilt shop.  This one is already sold.  I could not quite believe that but I sold it!  It is became a birthday gift for a friend's old aunty.  There is an old aunty theme emerging.  Not sure why.  Have a lovely day!