Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Will you look at this?

I am putting myself through zipper boot camp.  The time has come for me to cowboy up and deal with some zippers.  How cute is the pouch?  It is tiny as you can see from the scale addition of the loonies and Mr. Stitch Ripper.  Check out the tiny cross hatch quilting too.  Just for fun.  A wee change purse I think.  

And the fabulous tutorial is here.    Erin Erickson is the lady behind the blog Dog Under My Desk.  She has some great tutorials and she is all about zippers, let me tell you.  

Here's the back.  Snazzy!

Sara at Sew Sweetness has lots to say about zippers too.  Check it out!

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  1. What a cute little coin purse. Nice job on the zipper.

  2. So cute, you know you are shaming me into making something with a zipper! Looks like I have a project to start this weekend Zippers! I saw a seller on etsy recently that had some great zippers for sale, I think I need to go and find them and order some in!

  3. very cute! I love making little wallets!