Thursday, November 22, 2012

Random Thursday

First of all... Happy Thanksgiving to all of our neighbours to the south.  I hope you are all having a lovely time with family.

And then I thought you should meet the wee mouse.  I knit this little fellow the other night.  I am not much of a knitter but I think this wee mouse is a cutie.

Look at how worn out my cutting mat is.  I have put a cutting mat on my Christmas list.  It is really uber scuzzy.

Did I mention that I broke my quarter inch foot?  Who does that?  Me, obviously.  I broke the little metal edge thingie right off of it.  That is what happens when you move your needle position and you forget when you change feet and you try to sew and then everything flies apart.  Yep.  It was not pretty.  No injuries.  Just the quarter inch foot.  Have you ever tried to piece blocks with a broken quarter inch foot?  It is like you are missing a finger.  That little thingie is really an important piece.

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  1. I broke my quarter inch foot on purpose (one of them). When I would put the foot down, the little blade would splay over to the right I would sew too wide. I pulled it off so I could use the edge of the foot more accurately. LOL.

    I love your little mouse! He is adorable. I am a knitter, but I have never tried a little thing like that. Too fun!

  2. I broke mine on purpose too. I found it was making me sew a larger seam than I wanted, and I broke it off because I found it easier to simply use the edge of the foot as a guide, rather than using the little black thingy (technical term).

  3. Your cutting mat looks just like mine. I love your little mouse!

  4. Hi, I have broken of the the little black thing too! so I Now keep a back- up around. after all It is the the little secret to our quilting life!
    turn you cutting mat over and draw a few lines on it with a sharpie it will do you untill santa comes! ( yes I am a fruggle quilter)
    from Fla. Have a wonderful blessed day of quilting always

  5. Such a cute little mouse. Is it a gift for someone? I just got my first 1/4 inch foot with my new machine. I'm so used to sewing with my old foot and just knowing where to line it up. When others would borrow my machine I would put tape where the 1/4" would fall. Trying to get used to that little metal thingy.

  6. I love the mouse! It's too bad about the thingy! I once tried to do a zig zag with mine but the only casuality was the needle. I m new to the 1/4" foot as I only got mine a few months back but I'd hate to go back. They are quite useful. I hope you can get a new one soon!

  7. The mouse is so cute!

    For some inexplicable reason, I happen to have three ¼" feet so I can pop one in the mail for you, if you haven't grabbed a new one yet. :-)