Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Busy days at school but don't forget the giveaway!!!

I am super busy this week at school with start up but will try to pop in every now and again even if it is just to do this!

Don't forget about the giveaway!

And in all this busy-ness, I am going to try to breathe and stay calm even when I have lost my car keys and the hot water tank died.  Ya.  Not a word of a lie.  Oh and I left my cell phone at school when I came home.  Ya.  But my mummy sent me beautiful flowers for the first day at a new school and that made me very happy!  And the day actually went really well.

I will think of this lovely sight and close my eyes and take deep breaths.    From the other morning.

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  1. oh you poor thing - lost car keys, no hot water tank and first day at a new school - scary but it sounds like it all worked out well. Deep breath and keep smiling. it will soon be the weekend!
    Beautiful sunset btw