Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It is done!

I should have taken a picture of the fabric that I dropped off at the high school today.  3 boxes and 15 garbage bags.  597 metres of fabric.  Pretty crazy!  The textiles teacher could not believe it!  She kept telling me that she had won the fabric lottery.  I am just happy to see more floor space in my house!  Husband is happy too.

Today I packed up the giveaway fat quarters and will be mailing them off to Delores and I also packed up 2.5 metres of Dotty Scotty fabric to send to Kaelin who blogs at the Plaid Scotty.  She has a thing for scotty dogs.  I think she will be happy with this little something!  I must take pictures of the stash as it sits now.

On the quilting front...

Some darkish pictures of the card tricks quilt coming together on the design bed. No sewing accomplished last night because all I did was measure, fold and pack fabric into garbage bags!!!!!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. 597metres of fabric!!!!!! Oh my goodness! No wonder you are glad to get it out of your house! Do you still have much left?

  2. too stunned about teh 597m of fabric - nearly forgot - the card tricks quilt is looking gorgeous - very soft and pretty

  3. WOW I cannot imagine 597mtrs. It is like a fabric store no wonder the teacher was thrilled.
    So thoughtful of you to donate it.

    Just love your card trick quilt.