Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Stash... and the garden

some roll ends from my fabulous local quilt shop yesterday... buy one get one free!

French Journal Collection by London Portfolio for Michael Miller

The French Journal fabric is so gorgeous!  It was a birthday gift from a dear friend.  She bought it for me this summer when in Oregon!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

I was just out in the garden beating back the flowers.  We have had quite a bit of rain in the past week and the rain beats the dahlias down.  I dead headed the wet soggy spent flowers.  The plants are taller than I am and I kept getting hit in the face with soggy wet kleenex-like flowers that hold an amazing quantity of water!  The garden continues to produce great quantities of vegetables. Husband picked a 5.5 pound cabbage yesterday.  It is incredible!  And the birds of fall have returned.  They are gobbling up the nuts, gleaning in the blueberries and filling the trees and they gobble up the fruit and seeds from the native wild apples and cascara trees.  What a wonderful time of the year!  Harvest time for everyone.

Lots of sewing done this weekend.  I feel most productive!

Don't forget my fabric giveway!!!!  It is open until next Friday evening.  Have a super rest of your day!

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