Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainy Day Thursday...

It was super rainy today.  The first really rainy day since we have been back to school.  I, however, was prepared!  I have the most lovely rain boots that will not be tromping around the farm and getting all muddy.  Nope!  These boots are FANCY gumboots!  And they work.  I was a happy principal today with dry feet!

On the sewing front, I have been tackling something different.  Turning this stack of batiks from the "by the pound sale"

into this...

I need 176 of these blocks so I can turn them all in to a bento box quilt.  I have never used batiks before but I had a specific idea in mind and they are working for it.  The fabrics have a different texture. I love the way the blocks are made factory style.  I can churn out a whack of these blocks all in a string quickly.  So cool!

One more day left on my giveaway.
Have a super rest of your Thursday!!!!


  1. Mmmm love those gumboots - very cute but also stylish! Great batiks too - looking forward to seeing what you do with them

  2. Yep gorgeous boots.
    Love the fabrics too

  3. The batiks are lovely. Your gumboots are definitely styling! So fun.


  4. Love the boots! Sure wish we had a need for those kind in Texas!