Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday and Flea Market Finds...


Welll, I was truly dumpster (sort of) diving with this sewing basket as I pulled it out of the garbage at school!  It is really quite a nice big basket with nothing wrong with it but no one wanted it but me!

A lovely little vintage booklet of embroidery stitches and some snazzy patchwork templates and I will tell you the story behind all of this stuff when you see the photo at the very end.

8 sets of embroidered pillowcases still in the package, new.

And here is the story.  I was asked by a friend to call the neighbour of one of her friends.  The neighbour had lost his wife who was a quilter.  This is a bit complicated.  His wife passed away a year ago and was an avid quilter.  The husband was ready to let go of her stash and would I care to have a look.  I couldn't believe it.  For a flat amount of money, I took away all the fabric, quilting mats, rulers, books, and batting.  Husband and I filled the van.  There is more fabric than I can ever use and I have begun the massive task of sorting the stash into thrift store, donation and keep.  I plan to donate a vast quantity to the high schools for their sewing classes.  We filled our van with all of it.  I think there are over 30 garbage bags of fabric.  This is a quick shot of our downstairs living room with it spread everywhere.  Oh my goodness.  I guess this is like a quilter's estate sale.  

I will be linking up with Sophie's flea market finds and Aprongirl's thrift share Monday on Monday!  Have a lovely weekend!!!!



  1. I'm sure the gentleman was pleased that all his wife's quilting stash went to someone who would appreciate it.

  2. great finds. So happy that you are donating what you do not need to the local high schools. It bothers me when people throw away perfectly good items So wasteful

  3. Oh!! Those embroidered pillowcases still packaged up! What a lovely find and it's heartwarming that there is such a happy ending for a quilting stash that was obviously lovingly compiled over the years :-)

    Jem xXx

  4. oh wow, that's a great story. an amazing collection, glad to see someone worthy is looking after it!

  5. how amazing is this? this was meant to be, i'm sure... but it does give you an enormous amount of sorting out too, doesn't it?
    good luck, and i wish you lucky finds in amongst it all.
    the 100 stitches booklet looks gorgeous!

  6. Wow you sure are lucky having been offered all that fabric lovliness. x

  7. I love the sewing basket! That is a whole lot of quilting stuff I'm sure the highschool will appreciate it! I bet you will have fun sorting through it.

    E :)

  8. I think that would be so so fun to sort through everything! Lucky you. It was the estate sale of a quilter that got me pulled into this whole quilting hobby in the first place!!!

  9. Wow! How amazing!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  10. I bet the husband was so relieved to see it go to someone who could take care of it appropriately. Giving it to schools is a great idea. Good luck with all the sorties. Dont forget to keep some of the treasures for yourself. You will deserve them after all the work you now have to do!

  11. I am amazed at the pillow cases no one wanted! eek why would anyone throw them away?
    Great find on the fabric and so nice of you to give some to the school.

  12. How wonderful that you could assist this gentleman. I imagine you will have quite a fun time sorting out all the goodies. It's great that you will be able to donate some of the fabric to the schools, too!