Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cabbage Head

I just have to say that today I feel like... I don't know.  Maybe like a cabbage head!  This is me yesterday posing with one of Husband's prize cabbages. Weighing in at a whopping 6.5 pounds, these are the most beautiful cabbages we have EVER grown.  If a cabbage could be a thing of beauty, these cabbages are beautiful!  Prize winning.

The plants came from my friend Patti.  (And Husband says whenever he says "Patti,"  I smile. I think it means something good.)  Anyway... back to the cabbages.  Patti got the baby plants from her neighbour.  They were extras and evidence of generous garden sharing.  Too many for the neighbour, but enough for Patti to share with us.  Today they are all grown up.  8 gorgeous cabbages.  Getting bigger by the day.  Sometimes gardens just do amazing things.

And speaking of amazing things.  The squirrels in our yard have actually worn a path in the lawn, from the forest to the grandmother nut tree!  You can see a line across the lawn from little busy squirrel feet!  That is crazy!!!!!


  1. You better hope your students dont discover your blog or you might have a new nickname! BTW are the any babies in your cabbage patch field? lol

  2. Wow. I am slightly envious that you have enough outdoor space to grow such beauties! Yum!