Friday, September 2, 2011

It's a long weekend! And a work in progress...

I threw my card tricks blocks on the spare bed.  I have 18 of the 25 blocks done.  I think it is coming along really nicely.  I cannot wait to get them all done so that I can get the sashing in place and see how it all looks.  I have 3 current works in progress.  My farmer's wife quilt along.  Obviously, a long term project.  My "I Spy" wall quilt for my office and this card tricks quilt.  Not too shabby.  

And then I found this pattern the other day.  How cute is this for gift giving?  I also think the cupcakes would be a great pocket on an apron.  Just an idea.  Maybe a matching set.  Hmmm....

It's the Labour Day long weekend in Canada, then we are back to school and I am back in the thick of it at work with a school full of children!  I am going to enjoy this weekend and get in some quality sewing fun before the busy gets busy!  Have a lovely, restful weekend! I am going to!

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  1. Your card tricks quilt is going to be so soft and pretty, it will look lovely when it is done. Only 3 UOF's - I wish! And really cute cupcake oven mits. gotta love that pattern! Enjoy your weekend of stitching!