Thursday, September 8, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check In: Week 15!!!

Block #44 Gentleman's Fancy

Block #34 Flock

Here we are at week 15 already!  These 2 blocks were fun to make.  I used scraps as usual but the Flock block is made with scraps of Fig Tree's Buttercup which I bought as a scrap bag.  So much fun!  I am really sticking with my goal of making sure I have enough contrast!  I have totally learned my lesson!

And speaking of lessons, today a little grade one boy learned what happens when one puts a pudding cup in their pocket before going out to play.  Yep.  Pudding explosion.  

After all our whining about the cold wet spring, the weather gods have decided to mess with our minds and we are   having a heat wave like we have not had all summer.  The temperatures are consistently in the low 30s and for our neighbours to the south in the US, that is about 89 or 90 degrees F.  For us, that is HOT!

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1 comment:

  1. Two more nice blocks. I really like the cherry fabric in the first one - a pink block for the Gentleman's fancy - ha ha. Pudding explosion - bet he wasn't laughting poor little sausage!
    Make the most of that warmth - you will soon be chilly again I expect!