Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check-in Week 18!!!!

My laptop is back.  Apparently it had a major boo boo so it is like starting from scratch.  I lost all my bookmarks.  Major pout.  My pictures are backed up on the other computer and in gmail and some of them survived the disaster with the system crash.  Blah!  It actually seems way faster than ever so I am starting to think it always had the problem and was slowly dying from day one.

I had a fantastic drive to work today.  It is usually awesome and takes less than 5 minutes on a beautiful country road but today I had to drive slowly behind a great big black bear!!  OH MY!!  And I couldn't reach my purse in the backseat to get my cell phone to take a picture!!!!!  The bear trotted down the road in front of me for a bit until it decided to head off into the woods.  I could see how shiny its coat was and its summer flubber was rippling as he trotted along the road.  It was just so wonderful.

And these pictures are not of a bear. I think you can tell that.  I went outside a few minutes ago to take pictures of my Farmer's Wife blocks and I was having trouble finding a spot because of the angle of the sun.  I went over to the grandmother of all of our nut trees and I startled this little sweetie. It was right in front of my face at first.  I took the pictures of my blocks and it settled a bit higher in the tree for these pictures.  It is a Douglas Squirrel and we think they are just the best little guys.  I think it looks a little crazy.  Maybe a little nuts even.  (he he he)

Block #60 noon and light

Block # 58 Maple Leaf

I am totally in love with both of these blocks!  I had to make the maple leaf block to celebrate fall and I love the noon and light block!!  I used scraps as usual.  This time some Basic Grey bits and pieces in the one block and who knows what in the other!

We ran for Terry Fox today.  My school blew their fundraising goal out of the water.  I am so proud of their efforts!


  1. That squirrel is funny and to follow a black bear would make for a slow drive.
    Love the squares.

  2. OH MY indeed! A bear - how can you be so calm!!!!! I love them, it would have been exciting to see one but thank goodness Austalia only has Koalas and they aren't even bears! I am too much of a weeny to live with bears in the woods!!! Love the squirrel - that is one furry American critter I do miss though. Great blocks too - great colours!

  3. Ha! Love the squirrel, but love the fact that you made sure we knew it wasn't the bear. hahaha And both your blocks rock! :)