Sunday, September 4, 2011

The sorting continues

I had great plans to sew this weekend but the fabric tsunami got in the way.  I have been sorting and folding since yesterday afternoon in between making 23 quarts of pickles, helping Husband clean out the gutters and had some fun picking blackberries at the end of our property.  MMMM, blackberries!

First of all, I needed to fold all the fabric the way I fold fabric.  Little bit OCD of me but it just had to be done.  Then I had to sort it.  I have all the solids, all the dots, then the dots on a white background, stripes... oh my goodness, you get the picture.  I have piles of fabric with stars, fabric with frogs, fabric with bears, fabric with hearts, Christmas fabric and then all the colour piles.

The small empty space in the middle of it all is where I have been sitting.  Crazy!

There are absolute mountains of flannelette.  I have sorted through it and kept some but I have garbage bags full of it to donate.  I estimate about 700 metres is piled up in garbage bags for donations.

With all this said, keep posted for a giveaway!  I seem to have some extra fabric just lying around.

MMM, blackberries!

Have a lovely rest of your day!


  1. Oh you are such a tease! Those blackberries look delicious!!! All that fabric - 700m to donate!!! Did this woman ever sew or just buy! Why don't you check out They may dresses for little girls in under priviledged countries and they always need donated fabric. They may have a group of sewers near you. Oh my goodness - happy sorting!

  2. JEALOUS !!!!! Looks like some fun novelties there.