Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Farmer's Wife Check In: Week 17

block #48 Homeward Bound

block #46 Hill & Valley
 I am thoroughly enjoying the routine of this quilt along.  The blocks are always interesting and the size of the pile of blocks is getting significant.  I have a routine of making my weekly blocks before I tackle any other sewing each weekend.  It is most satisfying.  Again these blocks are scrappy with various bits and pieces.  So much fun!

Last yellow roses of summer
Fall is almost here.  The trees will be turning and the garden will need to be put to sleep.  The roses are putting on their last big display.  I adore the glossy green-ness of the leaves on this particular rose which climbs to over 8 feet in height.

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  1. You are very disciplined wuth your blocks which is the best way and I think you will be glad you were when you finish all of them and can enjoy them! The rose is gorgeous! Does is have a perfume?

  2. What gorgeous fabrics your are using for your blocks.
    Yes the rose bush is looking lush. Enjoy!

  3. Love your blocks this week. Yellow roses are my favorite and yours is lovely.

  4. your blocks look great! yellow roses are my very favorite, too :)