Saturday, September 17, 2011

Saturday and Flea Market Finds!

Taking stuff to the thrift store is always a great excuse to go and have a look see!  I had a few garbage bags of various bits and pieces still from the quilter's estate sale.  This was stuff that was not quilting fabric and other bits and pieces that I had no interest in.

So what did I find?  I love it when the thrift store bags up a bunch of doilies and sells them for a flat fee for crafts they say!  Look at all the pretties!!!!!

I took some close ups of some of the goodies, including these new sachets,

a very fine knitted lace doily,

a beautiful old bit of loveliness,

and these.  I love the colour of the dark faded doily and the embroidery on the little one is really lovely.

I found this book from 1959.  It has all sorts of great information.  The colour plates and even the black and white plates are wonderful and the author's name is just great.  Roscoe A. Fillmore.  Sounds like a great name for a very fuzzy cat with a dignified expression!

Husband has actually said this past week that he does not think I have too much fabric.  I found this metre length at the thrift store for $2.  It is quite nice.

And finally.  Daughter found this at a garage sale and tucked it in my birthday gifts.  An asparagus plate!!!!!  She was quite proud of this find!

I will be linking up with Sophie's flea market finds later today.  I will also link up with Apron Thrift Girl's thirft share Monday if the link goes up.

Don't forget my fabric giveway!!!!  It is open until next Friday evening.  Have a super rest of your day!


  1. wowowowo! Look at those doilies!! wowow!! they are lovley!

    The Jofyl Thrifter

  2. ohhh doily delight. beautiful and so many.

  3. WOW you guys have the best stuff at Flea markets. The one I go to here is Aussie never has such goegeous doilys etc. Lucky you.
    Fabrics nice too.

  4. Love the doilies, and the asparagus plate, your daughter did well.

  5. The asparagus plate is so sweet. and gotta love packages of doilies. x

  6. Great finds! And the asparagus plate is just fab!

  7. Wow you did well - you must just attract the bargains! Lucky girl!

  8. Love the book and I think the asparagus plate is wonderful. Hope you had a Happy Birthday.