Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday stash!

I have been sorting and resorting my fabric windfall.   Some of it has gone into the donate pile only to migrate back to the keep pile a few days later.  Last evening my card ladies were over and I was showing them the fabric and they found some treasures they liked in my donate boxes and bags.  Who knows what they will make out of they stuff they hauled home because they are not quilters or sewers for that matter but the fabric made them happy!

This fabric is one that migrated from the donate pile back to the keep file.  Look at it closely.  Yep.  Scotty dogs.  Originally, I thought it was just a random fabric with a blotchy sort of pattern.  I don't know what made me look closer.  FUNNY!!!!

We had a blueberry picking party today.  My aunt and uncle brought my grampa out. Along with my teen cousin and her friend and one of my buddies, that patch was bopping along with pickers.  Grampa did pretty well considering he is in his 90s and has serious vision issues.  Decked out in his straw cowboy hat, his love of blueberries really motivated him, I guess.  Husband made delectable blueberry tarts for when we were finished picking.  So yummy!!!

I will be drawing a winner for my giveaway tonight and posting it tomorrow after work.  Good luck everyone!!!  And have a lovely week.


  1. Love the Scotty Dog fabric.
    Wish I lived close enough to go through your donate box of fabrics. I am sure I would find something nice to take home.
    Sonds like a fun day picking.

  2. Love that scotty fabric what a hoot! Aww blueberry tarts - you are such a tease! i am definitley going to be knocking you your door one day in blueberry season some year in the future!